Saša Dončić odprl dušo: iskreno o svojem odnosu s sinom Luko

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Saša in Luka Dončić nista v idiličnem odnosu. Zakaj točno je tako, verjetno vesta oba najboljše. Dobroobveščeni pa vedo povedati, da so se razmere zaostrile, ko je skrbništvo nad sinom pripadlo mami Mirjam Poterbin, dodatno pa so se razmere poslabšale ob smrti Saševega očeta. Kakorkoli že. Saše v zadnjih letih kakor da ni v Lukovem življenju. Srečanja so bolj naključna kot načrtovana. Zakaj tako vedo Luka in njegovi najboljše. Jasno pa je, da čas celi rane in postavlja zadeve na naravno mesto. Zagotovo bo tudi odnos očeta Saše in sina Luke sčasoma boljši. Že zato, ker sta oče in sin, si to zaslužita!

Odziv Saše Dončića

Na naš zapis in spodnje vrstice se je odzval tudi Saša Dončić. Poudaril je, da je z grškim novinarskim kolegom želel le obelodaniti in ovekovečiti odnos, ki ga ima s sinom. Povedal je dejstva. “Vaš grški novinarski kolega pa je to ubesedil na svoj način. Govorila sva že na EP 2017, zadnjič pa po draftu. Poklical me je, povedal sem mu, da sem nabor spremljal  doma v Ljubljani, kjer imam svoje življenje,” je poudaril Saša, ki ima sina, to je jasno, neizmerno rad. To šteje. Ostalo pa bo rešil čas.

Danes je pač daleč od idealnosti.

Zato ne preseneča, da je Saša Dončić sinu Luki naslovil javno pismo, ki ga na tem mestu objavljamo v celoti!

What does it mean to be a good father?  

I was 25 years old and wasn’t sure that I knew! At least back then.

I’m not sure of that I’m going to tell you is proof, but back then in February I was besides your mum and was telling her

“Come on Darling, Push a little more so the youngster can come out”

It was the 28th of February and I didn’t want you to be born on the 29th because you would be celebrating your Birthday once every four years.

Luka my son, those days I had read that only 1 out of 1461 newborn babies were born on February 29; but that’s something I’ll tell you about later

So what is the meaning of being a good father? 

There is not a recipe, son. When you will hold your newborn in your hands you will believe that the whole world is in the palm of your hand! You get the feeling that you are ready to sacrifice everything for this little creature.  But think… This is only the general note of a recipe. Being parents, mom and dad, have to walk alone. And they just wish, that their decisions, will not be mistaken. Being mom, or dad, any single day you have to take a crucial decision. You don’t know if it’s the right one or the wrong. You just hope that it’s not a false decision. I grew up in a certain way. You grew up in another way. You son will be raised in a totally different way.

So what is the meaning of being a good father?

I don’t recall you ever asking me. I never asked my father, your Granddad either. Do you remember when we used to play basketball at home and you would do your best to beat me? You really believed that you could and I admired you for this. Just like me who thought that I could become the best and sometimes never bothered asking.

So what is the meaning of being a good father? 

Now I am sure that I have the answer to this question. I was never perfect! You know I was in Ljubljana the night of the draft instead of being by your side. We both know why, but let’s keep that our little secret that unites us!

The TV has the focus point of my full attention. I couldn’t wait to hear your name.  When I eventually heard it… oh my god. You cannot understand how I felt and how proud I was as a father.  My son, you had made me so proud for one more time.

So what is the meaning of being a good father? 

Luka, my son, could you live without your child? Could you see your Child walk away from you so he could start a new life away from you?  Do you remember Luka? You were only 13 when Real Madrid visited Slovenia to take you to their team that was far away from us!  It really hurt me but I was also extremely touched and excited. We wanted to have you with us, but I would never allow myself to let you miss out on such a great opportunity. This might mean being a good father Luka!!

Is this enough?

So what is the meaning of being a good father? 

Luka, you know very well how much I love Slovenia.,, Basketball and our National team.  I was aware that the Spanish, seeing how good you were, wanted you. They wanted you bad. They did everything possible to get you and This is something I cant blame them for. They knew how great you were. They tried to make you Spanish so that you could play for their National team.  I could not imagine you wearing any other Jersey except the Green Slovenian one. However, I never pressured you. Remember? I remember well Luka! The day when you told me that there is no chance you will betray your country and wear the Jersey of another country, no matter how good and friendly they are towards you. Luka, Those words of yours were very revealing. I want you to believe me that this decision was going to be made by you and only you.

So what is the meaning of being a good father? 

There is a story that I have probably never shared with anyone, although I doubt that this will be a convincing answer. Yes you have matured, had a great time, scored many buckets have grown to greatness and are loved. But for your father, Luka, my son, your two great moments were when you were a baby. Greatness is not the Cameras that run after your every step neither is your exposure. You father Luka will always remember that tournament which I’m sure you remember also. You barely spoke a word of Spanish you had just left home but In the Barcelona tournament where you went up against elder players you got the MVP award. A few months later Coach Laso played you for the first time with the mens team! It was against Valencia!  First possession you receive the ball in the corner and shoot behind the 3 point arc….. swish . No matter how many great things you will achieve in your life Luka, your father will always remember these moments because this is where everything began my son

So what is the meaning of being a good father? 

I think and think about it. Just like those times, I watched you starting to play basketball and I would never see you becoming the next Sasa. I would see you maturing into Luka and I was certain that you would become better than me since you were not going to make the same mistakes that I made.  I saw my own son growing, maturing and doing correctly everything that I had done wrong. Have I told you how proud I was of you Luka?

So what is the meaning of being a good father? 

The day will come when you will be able to answer that question.  Now, I can tell you that I tried and did my best. I tried to be the best father you could possibly have.

If I succeeded or not there will come the day when you will be able to answer that question my son.

What is the meaning of being a good father? I’ve told you so much already. Now it’s time to write one last thing; do you know what it means to be a good Son?

I’ll answer on your behalf

Being a good son means being Luka Doncic. You were not born on 29 February so Statistics don’t really matter.. You know why? Because for me you will be the one and only! The son I always dreamt of having.

Now that I’m reaching the end I’m trying to recall if there is anything I haven’t told you all these years. The answer is “No”. I would like to tell you something so you can remember it and these will be my closing words :

I love you Luka!

Your daddy!

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